Becoming a Freemason


Masonic Order is open to men age 18 and older (or 18 years if the children of Masons) of any ethnic and religious background of good reputation, and a personal desire to become a Freemason.

The essential condition for admission is a belief in the immortality of the soul and in Divinity, generically called the Great Architect of the Universe.

One of Masonry's traditions is that we do not solicit members. Men must seek membership on their own initiative. When you're ready to join, you can complete the Request to join the Masonic Order form and someone will contact you regarding membership.


After reading the information on this site and if you are still interested in becoming a Freemason, we suggest that you first talk to a family member, friend or colleague whom you already know to be a member. They will be able to explain to you what they can about the fraternity and help you find a suitable Lodge.